Benefits Of Custom Water Bottles

Many people choose to get their brand out there and advertise their products and services by having custom products made, such as pens, pencils, and notepads. Often, a company chooses to host an event and passes out their customized products. Here are a few benefits of a handing out custom water bottles.


Cheap advertising

It costs very little to get a large quantity of custom water bottles for your business made, especially when you compare the costs to the profits you will undoubtedly make from increased exposure of your brand. Depending on the amount of water bottles you purchase, the price can range from .20 per bottle to about .50 per bottle. For most custom product makers, the more water bottles you purchase, the lower the price is per bottle. Therefore, you want to purchase as many bottles as you need at one time instead of purchasing small amounts of custom made water bottles frequently.

If you wish, you can even sell water bottles at events for a little upfront profit. The water bottles will probably only sell if there is a need for them, however. If you’re selling them at a marathon on a blazing hot day, you’ll probably have plenty of buyers. If you’re selling them at an indoor event that doesn’t doesn’t involve much body movement, you’re obviously not going to sell much water bottles.

Reach many people

Imagine hosting an event and handing out custom made water bottles to the thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of people who show up. Within a day, you would have exposed your brand to so many new people. Also, people do use water bottles, since many people are health conscious nowadays, yet don’t want to drink fountain water or have to keep wasting money on one-use water bottles. So imagine if at least half of the people who received water bottles used them. You would have thousands of people out on the streets advertising your brand for free.

Good image for your company

Custom water bottles are a great way to promote a positive image for your company, especially if you give away the water bottles for free at an event. Giving the water bottles away for free will portray your business as generous, and people prefer spending their money at responsible businesses.Also, if possible, try to get custom water bottles that are biodegradable, to show that your business cares about the environment and is environmentally responsible.

Since environmental issues are gaining more attention lately, many customers refuse to buy from companies who show a blatant uncaring attitude to the environment as well as the well-being of others. If you show that your company is responsible, it will prevent people from boycotting your products and will give your company a leg up against many companies. As you can see, there are plenty of benefits of custom water bottles for businesses. It is a cheap and efficient way to market your products and services, and it can also help potential customers see your business in a good light.