Benefits of Drinking Enough Water

Did you know that our bodies are at least 60% water? Well, now you know. This is why doctors usually encourage us to drink a lot of water. Staying hydrated has a lot of health benefits. Doctors always recommend that we take at least 8 glasses of water after every 24 hours. Although this recommendation has little science to back it, there are reasons why you might want to adhere to this recommendation.

Maximizing Physical Performance

waterYour physical performance can suffer if you don’t stay hydrated, especially if you are in a hot environment or if you are taking part in an intense exercise. Water is very important to the body that if you lose even 2% of your body’s water, the effects will be noticeable on your body. Dehydration will make you feel fatigued. Your body temperature will also be altered. By optimally hydrating yourself, you will prevent all these from happening.

Boosting Energy Levels

Your brain needs a lot of water to function optimally. Studies have shown that your brain functionality can get impaired even with mild dehydration. If your brain functionality is hampered, your energy levels will be lowered. This will affect your mood and can even affect your memory.

Preventing Headaches

In some people, dehydration can trigger migraines and headaches. Studies have shown that by drinking enough water, you can relieve yourself from headaches that are making you have a not so great day. However, this will not relieve all types of headaches.

Treating Kidney Stones

Sometimes mineral crystals can form in your urinary system leading to the development of painful clumps. Sometimes the main cause of kidney stones could dehydration. Dehydration means that the amount of urine passing through your urinary system is low. By increasing your water intake, you will be increasing the volume of urine that you pass in your urinary system. The concentration of minerals in your urine will, therefore, be diluted. This means that crystals will be less likely to form clumps in your urinary system.

Calorie Control

waterDrinking a lot of water can help you to lose weight. Studies have shown that there is a connection between hydration and weight loss. Want to know how water can help you to lose weight? Well, by drinking a lot of water, you will always feel full. You won’t, therefore, feel the need to eat frequently hence you will be consuming fewer calories.

man in pain

Simple and Natural Ways to Relieve Your Headache Tips

Unfortunately, they affect most of us. However, this does not matter considering the pains felt by those suffering from common headaches and its accompanying symptoms. Additionally, headaches can prevent an individual from performing at their best when at work. Most people immediately opt for over the counter medication when confronted with this situation. Others opt to suffer through it knowing that they are temporary occurrences. Fortunately, there are several natural and safe remedies that one can try out while at home. These remedies will save you from experiencing discomfort as you go about your daily business. Briefly described are natural solutions on how to relieve a headache..


A spearmint or lavender massage helps reduce accumulated body tension that might be the trigger of the headaches. This might sound like a difficult task but its quite easy. Begin by creating a massage oil that comprises essential oils containing spearmint, lavender, and eucalyptus. The combination of these oils creates the perfect natural remedies for headaches. You are at liberty to invite a close family member, friend or spouse to assist in the massage. This will be more effective as it gives you the opportunity to relax.

Steam Sessions

Steam sessions that comprise of essential oils can also do the trick. This only gets worse when you lack an extra set of hands to assist when undergoing the massage. Inhaling steam that arises from an infused mixture of essential oils and steam can relieve head pain. Warm a pot containing water till begins to steam. Remove it from the heat and allow it to rest a bit so that the steam is not too hot. Add a couple of drops of black pepper, sage, bergamot or marjoram. Leave them in the pot for a while before deeply inhaling the steam.

Compress Procedure

An effective headache relieve method is by using essential oils such as basil and lavender compress. A commonly used home remedy is basil and works great in providing head relief when mixed with lavender. This steps can be repeated continuously to achieve pain relief.

Warm Essential Oils

A trip to the bathroom can draw the next headache remedy. It will require you to soak in bath water mixed with essential oils. This will assist in reducing the effect of stressful headaches and tensions. Headaches remain one of the most effective remedies for people affected with headaches. The combination of essential oil ingredients brings about an enticing and relaxing aroma of floral, citrus and spicy scents.

Avoid any Triggers

The best way to confront any painful condition is by preventing it altogether. No one can become immune to headaches, however, you can reduce their occurrences if you avoid things that trigger them. It has been proven that people who exercise regularly, consume less alcohol, undergo massage sessions and take little amounts of medication are best at preventing headaches.


The natural remedies listed below are not only effective but easy to apply while at home or work. If they work out for you, it can save you a great deal of unnecessary medical consultation fees.


Top Benefits of Ketogenic Diets

It is popular nowadays to hear athletes and weight loss aspirants discuss keto diets. In fact, it’s a trending habit that most people are switching to this source of body fuel as opposed to carbs. The low carb high fat option has been associated with numerous healthy benefits thus the trend.

Benefits of ketogenic diets

Energy levels stability

fgfdgdfgfdgdfgPeople need stable levels of energy throughout the day. However, this may not be possible with carbs as they tend to be digested fast and the energy used quickly especially if you have bits of work that needs it in plenty. If you have switched from that to ketogenic foods, then you will probably notice how stable and consistent the energy levels are. This will remove the urge to have sugars in the course of the day or slumping your schedule especially for those in a sports career.

Endurance performance

This is a dream for many athletes, yet they find it hard to achieve with high carb diet. The LCHF method is thus a big revelation as the body can have a consistent supply of fuel throughout and still use less oxygen which improves performance. Gasping for more oxygen during the tough and aggressive workouts is not an interesting thing at all. Therefore, most athletes are advised to embrace this healthy diet either through the supplements or natural foods.

Weight loss

fdgdgdfgfdgfdghgfhgfhHave you been struggling to lose weight for long? If yes, then you need to switch to a keto diet. Excess carbs are easily converted to fats (more fat than the body needs) and then stored, making people obese. However, low carbs diet will restrain the body to use fats as a source of energy. Logically, the fat will be flushed fro their store until one is deficient which is easily supplied through the use of more fatty foods. This method has been used for ages to treat diabetic patients and is gladly becoming popular again.

Healthier brain

Most oily diets like olive oils, avocado, and oily fish just to mention but a few are known to be healthy for the brain. Doctors concur with that after numerous researches. Therefore, the LCHF diet tends to improve on someone’s cognitive ability in a great way.

You too can benefit by switching to this helpful diet habit. However, one needs to plan their eating well either by use of supplements, natural foods or both.

Benefits Of Custom Water Bottles

Many people choose to get their brand out there and advertise their products and services by having custom products made, such as pens, pencils, and notepads. Often, a company chooses to host an event and passes out their customized products. Here are a few benefits of a handing out custom water bottles.


Cheap advertising

It costs very little to get a large quantity of custom water bottles for your business made, especially when you compare the costs to the profits you will undoubtedly make from increased exposure of your brand. Depending on the amount of water bottles you purchase, the price can range from .20 per bottle to about .50 per bottle. For most custom product makers, the more water bottles you purchase, the lower the price is per bottle. Therefore, you want to purchase as many bottles as you need at one time instead of purchasing small amounts of custom made water bottles frequently.

If you wish, you can even sell water bottles at events for a little upfront profit. The water bottles will probably only sell if there is a need for them, however. If you’re selling them at a marathon on a blazing hot day, you’ll probably have plenty of buyers. If you’re selling them at an indoor event that doesn’t doesn’t involve much body movement, you’re obviously not going to sell much water bottles.

Reach many people

Imagine hosting an event and handing out custom made water bottles to the thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of people who show up. Within a day, you would have exposed your brand to so many new people. Also, people do use water bottles, since many people are health conscious nowadays, yet don’t want to drink fountain water or have to keep wasting money on one-use water bottles. So imagine if at least half of the people who received water bottles used them. You would have thousands of people out on the streets advertising your brand for free.

Good image for your company

Custom water bottles are a great way to promote a positive image for your company, especially if you give away the water bottles for free at an event. Giving the water bottles away for free will portray your business as generous, and people prefer spending their money at responsible businesses.Also, if possible, try to get custom water bottles that are biodegradable, to show that your business cares about the environment and is environmentally responsible.

Since environmental issues are gaining more attention lately, many customers refuse to buy from companies who show a blatant uncaring attitude to the environment as well as the well-being of others. If you show that your company is responsible, it will prevent people from boycotting your products and will give your company a leg up against many companies. As you can see, there are plenty of benefits of custom water bottles for businesses. It is a cheap and efficient way to market your products and services, and it can also help potential customers see your business in a good light.


The Importance Of Colors In Employee Uniforms

Recent scientific studies documented in various textbooks and academic journals show that choosing of colors to represent a specific brand or business is one of the most effective ways of attracting customers. For instance, many fast foods restaurants use bright yellows and reds to represent their brands. The color red is notoriously known for drawing up customers’ attention. It does this by producing a feeling of excitement in the mind of consumers. On the other hand, yellow is used because it causes prospective customers to pause and feel happy. This newly developed mind frame encourages them to buy their products.


They are highly visible

Most of us have walked in streets that have food courts or driven in a busy retail highway. Try to remember which colors caught your attention the most. I am sure among your picks there are bright yellows and reds. This is evidently shown by construction workers or motorcyclists who wear high visibility vests. They all have a conspicuous yellow color. Due to the ever-rising need of this apparel, you can easily purchase yellow hi-vs vests online.

Color makes rule choices

A color preference is an emotional response that lacks any rational basis. Psychologists say that colors rule the choices we make on nearly everything. Many people would like to think they make sound decisions based on merits and demerits. However, this is not the case since we are all unknowingly ruled by our preferences in color.

Some colors portrays some characters

For instance, some delivery services use brown for their trucks and corporate uniforms. The color brown portrays reliability, and this is exactly what these companies want their customers to think as they entrust them with their packages for delivery. Software companies mostly employ the color blue for their logo, packaging, and products. Psychologists say blue helps in instilling loyalty in customers and with the software market becoming more competitive every day, loyalty is a priceless commodity.

Its advisable to have colored uniforms

Marketing experts’ advice is that for maximum benefit, the branding colors must be clearly displayed at all consumer touch points. This has made many companies to display their corporate colors during advertising, custom uniform printing, product packaging and transportation among others.

Colors employed in workers’ uniforms play a significant role in the success of business

When business owners utilize the psychology of colors, they help in enforcing the business image or messages like reliability or technical proficiency. Consumers take this message more seriously when used on work wear vests since a real human being wears it, a person who makes the brand seem much more realistic to the customers.